This morning, the Iowa House of Representatives took a major step forward on critical suppressor legislation when it voted to pass House File 2381 by an 83-16 vote.

Formerly known as HF 384, the legislation was introduced by State Rep. Matt Windschitl, (R-Missouri Valley). If enacted, HF 2381 would legalize the possession and ownership of firearm suppressors in Iowa for law abiding citizens in compliance with Federal law. Iowa is currently one of only 11 states that prohibit the possession of suppressors by civilians. For a full map, visit the ASA’s website.

Rep. Windschitl provided expert testimony, and was able to help the bill secure overwhelming majority support. HF 2381 will now move to the Senate.

First and foremost, ASA would like to thank everyone who took the time to contact their Representatives in Iowa in support of HF 2381. We would specifically like to thank Rep. Windschitl for his hard work and tenacity on the issue, Rep. Shaw (R-Pocohontas) and Rep. Hagenow (R-Polk) for their supportive comments during the floor debate, and all of the other legislators who voted in favor of the bill. Finally, we would like to thank the National Rifle Association and the Iowa Firearms Coalition, both of whom have gone above and beyond to support this legislation. Without these efforts, this bill would not be moving to the Senate.

The overwhelming support for HF 2381 is not without a certain level of opposition. Rep. Mascher (D-Johnson), Rep. Wessel-Kroeschell (D-Story), Rep. Abdul-Samad (D-Polk), and Rep. Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo) all voiced major opposition during the debate. There was even a gun owners group in Iowa that previously voiced opposition to suppressor ownership, but has changed their stance in light of the passage of HF 2381 by the House. While we appreciate their new position, we believe that credit should be given only where credit is due.

Please take the time to contact the legislators who voted in favor of the bill, as well as the NRA, and the IFC for their support. Also, please contact the Representatives who voted against HF 2381 and let them know that they do not speak for you.

A full vote count can be viewed here: HF 2381 Vote

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