ASA Silencer Stache Winner Crowned!

LIP RUG, d.B. – The voters have spoken, and the winner of the ASA Silencer Stache Competition has been decided! This week, the Sultan of Silence Jim Hood (Elevated Silence) went head to head with the Muffled Mustache Taylor Welden (Reptilia) in a no holds barred matchup. The contest came down to the wire, but as the clock struck midnight the votes were as follows:

Jim Hood: 3,405
Taylor Welden: 4,701

Congratulations to Taylor Welden, the inaugural ASA Silencer Stache Champion and winner of the Hiram Percy Maxim Golden Mustache Award!

Congratulations are also in order for Jim Hood for winning the HPM Silver Mustache Award, as well as Zak Keehn of Rugged Suppressors for earning the HPM Bronze Mustache Award!

The final three awards are reserved for teams that did not place in the top three. The winners are as follows:

A special thanks go out to all 32 contestants for participating in the ASA Silencer Stache Competition. Over the past month, we have seen some amazing feats of facial hair. But more importantly, we all came together to help teach the world the truth about suppressors.

The tournament will return in 2021. Until then, stay stached, stay strapped, and, most of all, stay quiet!