The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is teaming up with a group of our sponsors to raise money for the Association by auctioning off five suppressed CUSTOM Glock 21 (.45 ACP) packages. All five packages are completely identical, with one notable exception: they each include a suppressor from a different manufacturer. When the auctions finish, the suppressor manufacturer who raised the most money will be crowned the winner! As a 501(c)(6) non-profit, our ability to advocate for pro-suppressor reform like the Hearing Protection Act is made possible by generous support from people like you. Help us protect your right to protect your hearing by bidding on these amazing packages today!

These auctions include the following ($2,300+ MSRP):

  • CUSTOM Legal Manufacturing, LLC NIB Battleworn® Glock 21 (.45 ACP) with their patent-pending nickel boron plating, Lone Wolf Distributors Alpha Wolf Threaded Barrel and additional factory G21 Barrel – NIB ONE® plated, SSVi Tyr Trigger – NIB Battleworn® plated and Glock factory night sights ($1,599 MSRP)
  • .45 ACP suppressor from one of the five suppressor manufacturers ($699+ MSRP)
  • Silencer Shop Single-Shot NFA Gun Trust ($40.00 MSRP)

All proceeds of the auction will go directly towards the ASA’s fight to pass pro-suppressor reform on both the State and Federal Levels. This means that your purchase not only guarantees you a great package, but it will also help the ASA protect and expand your suppressor rights!

Legal manufacturing, LLC

Legal Manufacturing’s latest offering is the NIB BATTLEWORN® Mod 2 Glock® 21. The factory Glock® is modified to improve the functionality, balance and assist with weapon manipulation. The factory Glock® 21 slide is plated in Legal Manufacturing’s patent pending NIB BATTLEWORN®. The factory Glock® 21 barrel and additional Lone Wolf Alpha threaded barrel and cap are plated in a matte variant of Legal Manufacturing, LLC’s proprietary NIB ONE®. Legal Manufacturing’s nickel boron plated surfaces reduce the operating friction of the firearm due to the low static coefficient of friction without the need for lubrication. Legal Manufacturing has made the additional modifications to enhance the performance of the NIB BATTLEWORN® Mod 2 Glock® 21:

  • added forward serrations and weight reducing side and top slide cuts;
  • removed the finger grooves, reduced the pistol grip and undercut the trigger guard;
  • added a unique stippled texture to the pistol grip;
  • added a NIB BATTLEWORN® plated SSVi Tyr trigger; which was designed to be the next evolution in an EDC/duty trigger and maintains all current safeties built into the Glock Safe Action system but enhances the leverage used when actuating trigger; and
  • added Glock® factory night sights.

Legal Manufacturing, LLC NIB BATTLEWORN MOD 2 Glock 21
Legal Manufacturing, LLC NIB BATTLEWORN MOD 2 Glock 21
Legal Manufacturing, LLC NIB BATTLEWORN MOD 2 Glock 21
The NIB BATTLEWORN® MOD 2 Glock® 21 is a performance firearm that does not sacrifice Glock® factory reliability.

 Additionally, Silencer Shop is donating one of their new SINGLE-SHOT NFA trusts, so long as the winner transfers the suppressor to a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer. All NFA rules still apply, and no refund will be given for the NFA trust, if the trust is not redeemed. For more information on the Powered By Silencer Shop network, visit

A special thank you to all of our sponsors for making this auction possible! For more information on the donations and where to find them, visit:

LUNAR 45 Suppressor donated by Gemetch: or the Gemtech Facebook Page.

OBSIDIAN Suppressor donated by Rugged Suppressors: or the Rugged Suppressors Facebook Page.

SRD45 Suppressor donated by Sig Sauer: or the Sig Sauer Facebook Page.

OMEGA 45K Suppressor donated by SilencerCo: or the SilencerCo Facebook Page.

Sidewinder-45 Suppressor donated by YHM: or the YHM Facebook Page.

Original Gen 3 Glock 21 donated by B&H Police Supply: or the B&H Police Supply Facebook Page.

Custom NIB Battleworn® finish and precision laser stippling by Legal Manufacturing: or the Legal Manufacturing, LLC Facebook Page.

Gunsmithing donated by KF Armory: or the KF Armory Facebook Page.

Alpha Wolf Threaded Barrels donated by Lone Wolf Distributors: or the Lone Wolf Distributors Facebook Page.

SSVi Tyr Trigger donated by SSVi: or the SSVi Facebook Page.

Single Shot NFA Gun Trust donated by Silencer Shop: or the Silencer Shop Facebook Page.



The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor industry. Our mission is to unite and advocate for the common interests of suppressor manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and consumers. To accomplish our mission, our principal initiatives focus on state lobbying, federal lobbying, public education, and industry research.

For more information on how you can join the ASA, and help protect and expand your right to own and use suppressors, please visit us online at or on the ASA Official Facebook Page.

If you would like to support the ASA’s Hearing Protection Act (HR 367, S 59), visit our website at to contact your legislators today!

All NFA rules apply. Buyer must be at least 21 years of age, a resident of the U.S. residing in one of the 42 states that currently allow civilian ownership of suppressors, and be legally eligible to purchase a firearm.

The American Suppressor Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit. However, contributions or gifts to the American Suppressor Association are not tax deductible.


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    looking fwd to better hearing protection

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