Backup Tactical joins as Tier 7 sponsor for 2017




BOCA RATON, FL – The American Suppressor Association is excited to announce our newest sponsor, Backup Tactical. They have joined the ASA as a Tier 7 sponsor for 2017. The folks at Backup Tactical contacted the ASA and wanted to get involved in a meaningful way to support the association’s work on the Hearing Protection Act. As a manufacturer of thread protectors for suppressed firearms, their sponsorship of the association was a natural fit.

ABOUT BACKUP TACTICAL: Backup Tactical is a manufacturer of custom thread protectors. They provide unique thread protectors for suppressor ready firearms in a number of styles, finishes and popular thread pitches. Machined out of aluminum alloy, the thread protectors are softer than the host barrel material, making them an inexpensive sacrificial part that will protect the threads against inadvertent drops, dings, dirt, and grime while reducing the risk or accidental cross threading that can damage an expensive barrel.

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  1. Joe DeBergalis

    Outstanding! Welcome aboard!

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