Just before midnight on Thursday, the Georgia House of Representatives voted to pass NRA and ASA backed House Bill 60 by a final tally of 112-58. It is one of the most comprehensive gun bills to pass in the state of Georgia. The bill, which was passed by the Senate on Tuesday, spent the majority of Thursday in the House awaiting concurrence.

There were two main points of contention between the House and the Senate, one of which was whether or not the state would repeal the prohibition on the use of suppressors while hunting. After a full day of behind the scenes negotiations, the House voted to accept the bill for final passage. The bill they accepted included the provision to legalize suppressor use while hunting.

The American Silencer Association would like to thank everyone who took the time to contact their legislators in Georgia in support of HB 60, and all initiatives to legalize suppressor hunting in the state over the past three years. We would like to recognize Senator Bill Heath (R-31), as a stanch supporter of suppressor rights, and Sen. David Schafer (R-48), Rep. Stephen Allison (R-8), and Rep. Rick Jasperse (R-11) for their hard work and steadfast tenacity on the issue. We would like to thank Georgia Carry for their unwavering support of HB 60. Finally, we would like to thank the National Rifle Association for having gone above and beyond to support this legislation.

HB 60 will now go to Governor Nathan Deal to be signed into law. Given the overwhelming support in the legislature, it is likely that he will do so.

Nonetheless, please contact Gov. Deal and urge him to sign HB 60. Contact information can be found below: