Earlier today, the Louisiana State Legislature voted to pass two ASA and NRA backed suppressor hunting bills which seek to legalize suppressor hunting for all game animals in the state. Under current statute, suppressor use is only permitted while hunting non-game animals.

The Senate began by unanimously passing House Bill 186 via a 35-0 vote. The bill, which was introduced by Rep. Cameron Henry (R-82), passed the House by an 82-15 margin on April 2. It will now head to the Governor’s desk.

The Louisiana House of Representatives then passed  Senate Bill 212 by a final tally of 85-3. The bill, which was introduced by Sen. Rick Ward, III (R-17), passed the Senate on March 26 with a unanimous 35-0 vote. During the vote, 22 Senators signed on to co-author the bill. On April 29, SB 212 passed the House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment unanimously, with amendments.  Because it was amended, it will now go back to the Senate for final concurrence.

If either bill is signed into law, Louisiana will become the third state this year to legalize suppressor hunting for all game animals. Of the 39 states in which suppressor ownership is legal, there are currently 31 states which allow hunters to use legally possessed suppressors in the field. In late June, Alabama will become the 32nd, and on July 1, Georgia will become the 33rd. Of the 33 states, only Louisiana and Montana restrict their use to non-game animals. For a full map, visit the ASA’s website.

The ASA met with Gov. Jindal at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, and were personally assured us that he will sign full suppressor hunting legislation into law.

Nonetheless, please contact Gov. Jindal and urge him to sign HB 186 and/or SB 212. Contact information can be found below: