Late last night, both chambers of the Minnesota legislature voted overwhelmingly to pass Senate File 878, an Omnibus public safety finance and policy bill which includes a provision that will legalize suppressors in Minnesota.  The vote came towards the end of a legislative session that kept lawmakers at the capitol throughout the weekend.  After a great deal of debate and discussion, the Minnesota Senate passed SF 878 by a veto-proof 55-9 majority, and the House quickly followed suit, voting 116-15 to pass the bill and send it to Gov. Dayton’s desk.

This major victory for suppressor rights comes after months of hard work on the part of the NRA, the ASA, and especially Rep. Tony Cornish (R-23B), Chairman of the House Public Safety Committee, who acted as a champion for our cause by shepherding this bill through committee and ensuring that this issue stayed at the top of the legislature’s agenda.

The American Suppressor Association thanks the National Rifle Association and Rep. Cornish for continuously supporting SF 878. We also thank Rep. Mark Anderson (R-09A), who sponsored the initial legalization bill, as well as the eight conferees who voted to support suppressors in conference committee. Finally, we would like to thank Speaker of the House Daudt, Senate Majority Leader Bakk, Rep. David Dill (DFL-03A), and the other 170 members of the House and Senate who voted to recognize your suppressor rights.

The American Suppressor Association is working to ensure that this bill becomes law, and we are very excited about the prospect of bringing suppressor ownership to Minnesota. However, last month, Governor Dayton cast doubt as to whether or not he would sign any legislation that would legalize suppressors. The ASA and Vista Outdoors responded by sending letters to the Governor explaining why the legalization of suppressors is in the interests of Minnesotans.

ASA Letter

Vista Outdoors Letter 

Please contact Gov. Dayton and politely urge him to sign SF 878 into law. Contact information can be found below: