The American Suppressor Association spoke with our contacts at ATF to get the latest news on their workflow amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Like all of us, the NFA Division is adapting to this paradigm shift in daily life and implementing solutions to limit delays. A couple of items of note:

  1. To reduce the possibility of transfer processing delays it is *strongly encouraged* that only 100% complete applications be submitted – including fingerprint cards. Incomplete applications will likely be held aside in favor of processing complete submissions. An incomplete application is not a “placeholder” in line.We understand that there has been some difficulty in obtaining fingerprint cards from law enforcement agencies as many have suspended non-essential services. We encourage buyers to utilize other alternatives that may be available to obtain the necessary fingerprints – either “roll your own” or electronic options.
  2. Approved transfers are taking longer to reach dealers because of the remote work arrangement of examiners and postal delays. In the past, ATF has encouraged people to call to obtain a certified copy of their approved transfer if more than 30 days had elapsed from the approval date. They are now asking that individuals wait 45 days from the date of approval. While this additional lag is frustrating, the same personnel that are responsible for data entry of new transfers are the ones that search for the approved copies. Each call takes them away from, and adds delays to new incoming transfers.

ASA believes these delays are excessive, unnecessary and the result of the ATF clinging to antiquated legacy systems to manage the NFA. The delays highlight why it is imperative that a functional eForm system is launched as soon as possible.

We encourage you to contact your legislators and ask them to support H.R. 6126 – The End the Normalized Delay on Suppressor Act. Placing a time cap on transfers is one way to require ATF to utilize technology to process transfers in a timely manner.

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  1. James Giese

    I’m at the one year mark from when my check got cashed, and zero indication of how far along my Form 4 trust is.

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