The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor industry. Our mission is to unite and advocate for the common interests of suppressor manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and consumers. To accomplish our mission, our principal initiatives focus on state lobbying, federal lobbying, and public education.

We are the country’s leading subject matter experts on suppressors and suppressor related advocacy. We have helped draft state and federal legislation, including the Hearing Protection Act, hosted countless suppressor demonstrations for legislators, are spearheading efforts to legalize commercial suppressor exportation through non-legislative means, and have actively lobbied in 28 states, as well as in Washington, D.C.

Our track record speaks for itself: through our No State Left Behind campaign, we have had a direct role in the legalization of suppressors in three states, and the legalization of suppressor hunting in eighteen states. We are currently working pro-suppressor legislation in 10 states, and we will not stop fighting until suppressors are legal in every state in the country. No other entity has dedicated more time and resources to pro-suppressor advocacy. We truly are an association of, by, and for the suppressor community.

In order to strengthen our voice, and thus effectively advocate for the issues, the ASA needs your support. If we all work together, this is a fight we will certainly win!



Federal Lobbying

On the federal level, our goal is simple: ease the archaic restrictions on suppressors. Our work is singularly focused on the creation of a better environment for businesses and consumers alike. The current makeup of Congress will make legislative results difficult to attain. However, every circumstance breeds new opportunities. Through our work with legislators and the White House, we will leave no stone unturned in our eorts to accomplish pro-suppressor reform.

Our top priority for 2019 is to streamline the NFA process and reduce transfer times. We are working to mandate that ATF process NFA applications in a predetermined time period. We are also working to fix ATF’s burdensome regulation of suppressor parts and components. Ultimately, our long-term goal is the removal of suppressors from the NFA through the passage of the Hearing Protection Act (HPA). If successful, we believe that our work will result in a tremendous boost to the market.

Our federal initiatives are as follows:

• Streamline the NFA process and reduce transfer processing times
• Legalize the exportation of suppressors to foreign commercial markets
• Lobby the Department of Defense and NATO to issue system wide suppressor solicitations
• Remove suppressors from the NFA by passing the HPA or similar legislation


State Lobbying

The passage of pro-suppressor reform at the state level is one of the top priorities for the ASA. We have set an aggressive agenda, called the No State Left Behind campaign, to pursue legislation in every state that does not currently allow for suppressor ownership, or their use while hunting. Our goal is to create new markets and protect existing interests.

Serving as subject matter experts, we will work to push the following issues:

• Private ownership (eight states currently banned)
• Use of suppressors for hunting (ten states currently banned)
• Defend against state level attempts to ban suppressors


Public Education

One of the principal roles of the ASA is to dispel the common myths and misconceptions that surround suppressors. As a neutral party, and trusted source, we have the ability to reach the suppressor community in ways that the rest of the industry cannot. Through collaborative efforts with our sponsors and media contacts, we utilize our newsletter and social media outlets to reach hundreds of thousands of people with our messaging.

The Story of the Owl

Since the creation of Ancient Greek mythology the owl has been revered as a symbol of wisdom and skill. For Greek soldiers, an owl flying overhead was a sure sign of victory. His silent, perceptive nature and nocturnal vision make him one of the most respected and powerful predators of the sky.  The American Suppressor Association is the learning institution for suppressor owners to gain and share knowledge, hone their skills and develop the owl’s same ability for expert precision and silent observation.