At the federal level, our goal is simple: ease the archaic restrictions on suppressors. Our work is singularly focused on the creation of a better environment for businesses and consumers alike. The current makeup of Congress will make legislative results dicult to attain. However, every circumstance breeds new opportunities. Through our work with legislators and the White House, we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to accomplish pro-suppressor reform.

Our top priority for 2020 is to streamline the NFA process and reduce transfer times. We are working to mandate that ATF process NFA applications in a predetermined time period. We are also working to fix ATF’s burdensome regulation of suppressor parts and components. Ultimately, our long-term goal is the removal of suppressors from the NFA through the passage of the Hearing Protection Act (HPA).

Our primary federal initiatives are as follows:

  • Streamline the NFA process and reduce transfer processing times
  • Legalize the exportation of suppressors to foreign commercial markets
  • Remove suppressors from the NFA by passing the HPA or similar legislation