Jessica Cummings

VP of Marketing

Jessica Cummings is an accomplished leader in marketing, public affairs, and warranty service who has successfully navigated high-profile and complicated programs, initiatives, and projects for the companies she’s represented.

Throughout her 20+ year tenure in the firearms industry, Jessica has demonstrated excellence in the creation and execution of strategic media events, ad campaigns, and marketing/brand initiatives for more than a dozen consumer brands.

Jessica is responsible for the development and execution of cohesive communications strategies in an effort to drive membership and organizational awareness.

Prior to her work at ASA, Jessica was the Vice President of Marketing, Customer Service & Warranty for SilencerCo.  Prior to this, she was the head of public relations and global communications for the Remington Outdoor Company.

When Jessica is not managing company communications or running an event, she can be found spending time with her family … at the range, on a hunt, at the beach, or looking for a new adventure.