After successfully fighting to protect suppressor ownership in Virginia from 2019 to 2021 and again in 2023, and a ban on suppressors in New Mexico in 2023, we understand that similar initiatives could take hold in other vulnerable states. In response, holding the line at the state level is a top priority for the American Suppressor Association. 

We have also set an aggressive agenda, called the No State Left Behind campaign, to pursue legislation in every state that does not currently allow for suppressor ownership or their use while hunting. We believe that every law-abiding citizen in America should be able to use suppressors to help protect their hearing, and will not stop until we have reached our goal.

Serving as subject matter experts, our primary state-level initiatives are as follows:

  • Defend against state-level attempts to ban suppressors
  • Private ownership (eight states currently banned)
  • Use of suppressors for hunting (nine states currently banned)
  • Litigation to challenge the constitutionality of state-level bans on suppressor ownership

Bill Tracking 2024

New Mexico

S.B. 90 — Imposes excise tax on firearms & ammunition

Sen. Linda M. Lopez (D-11)

ASA Position: OPPOSE

Current Status: Filed and Triple Referred to relevant committees  

New Mexico

H.B. 114 — Firearm industry liability

Rep. Christine Chandler (D-43)

ASA Position: OPPOSE

Current Status: Referred to House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee  

New Mexico

H.B. 79 — Deduction of excise tax on firearms & ammunition

John Block (R-51)
Stefani Lord (R-22)
Tanya Mirabal Moya (R-7)


Current Status: Referred to House Taxation & Revenue Committee  

New Mexico

H.B. 129 — Waiting period

Rep. Andrea Romero (D-46) Dayan Hochman-Vigil (D-15) Cristina Parajon (D-25) Linda M. Lopez (D-11) Joseph Cervantes (D-31)

ASA Position: OPPOSE

Current Status: NRA & ASA successfully amended 14-day waiting period to 7-days and removed suppressors from waiting period.