About ASA

The American Suppressor Association has led the fight for suppressor rights since 2011. Learn who we are, why we formed, and what we’ve accomplished. 

Get to know the team that loves guns, hates loud noises, and enjoys fighting for your suppressor rights!

Board of Directors

The American Suppressor Association is governed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of industry leaders and suppressor advocates.


As a non-profit trade association, corporate sponsorship is the backbone of the American Suppressor Association. Without it, we would not exist.


Find an NFA dealer near you who supports your right to use suppressors.


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Why An Owl?

Since the creation of Ancient Greek mythology the owl has been revered as a symbol of wisdom and skill. For Greek soldiers, an owl flying overhead was a sure sign of victory. His silent, perceptive nature and nocturnal vision make him one of the most respected and powerful predators of the sky. The American Suppressor Association is the learning institution for suppressor owners to gain and share knowledge, hone their skills and develop the owl’s same ability for expert precision and silent observation.