Knox Williams

President & Executive Director

Knox Williams is a passionate believer that every law-abiding citizen should be able to buy and use suppressors to help protect their hearing. In 2011, he helped form the American Suppressor Association. At the time, hunting with a suppressor was not legal in Georgia, Knox’s home state. When he began developing a plan to change the law, he realized two things: 1) no other organizations were working on pro-suppressor reform, and 2) he would be far more effective if he created a coalition. Thus, ASA was born.

Over the past 12 years, Knox has become the country’s leading subject matter expert on suppressors. Through his work at ASA, he has helped 3 states legalize suppressor ownership and 19 states legalize their use in the field – including the Peach State in 2014. 

In his spare time, Knox enjoys hunting (suppressed), shooting (suppressed), traveling, cooking, and all things Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, and UGA football.