Dave Matheny

Silencer Shop — Owner

Dave Matheny is the founder and CEO of Silencer Shop, the largest suppressor distributor in the country – with a focus on streamlining and simplifying the NFA application process. He has had a hand in the firearm industry not only as a business owner but also as a lobbyist and educator. Spending years educating and informing individuals on NFA ownership rights, he has worked diligently to serve as an active voice in the industry.

Dave currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, Halli. They have three children. Prior to founding Silencer Shop, he graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 1998 and served as a Software Engineer at various companies, including Intel, VMware, and Dell for 16 years before combining his programming expertise with his passion for firearms, to form Silencer Shop. He is a Life Member of the NRA and is involved with several additional industry groups.