Chris Graham

Yankee Hill Machine — Co-Owner

Christopher Graham grew up at the historic Yankee Hill Machine facility in Florence, Massachusetts, where he began working for his father, James J. Graham, at a very early age. Chris started by sweeping floors and packaging parts after school and on summer break. As he grew up, so too did his responsibilities. Before going to college, he graduated from his janitorial duties and began operating machines and engineering. At UMass Amherst he studied business administration at the Isenberg School of Management. Not feeling challenged enough, he transferred to the Western New England College Engineering program for mechanical engineering. Ultimately, he opted to return to work and continue to learn on the job from his father rather than pursue a college degree. In 2013, James handed the reins of YHM to Chris and his brother Kevin, who now own and operate the company. In 2017, the brothers moved YHM to their new 48,000 square foot state of the art facility in Easthampton, MA.