Oklahoma Suppressor Bill Passes a Critical Hurdle

American Silencer Association lobbyist Todd Rathner was in Oklahoma today working on SB1743 The Landowner’s Hunting Freedom Act sponsored By Senator Steve Russell, which would legalize the use of suppressors for hunting on private land in Oklahoma. The same measure failed in committee last week for lack of a “second”.

After working closely with NRA Manager of Hunting Policy, Darren LaSorte Todd reports that SB1743 passed out of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee 10 – 1 with the lone dissenting vote being Senator Charles Wyrick.

This is a great turn of events for suppressor owners and gun owners in general, however it’s far from over SB1743 must still pass the full senate, then the Oklahoma house, and be signed by Governor Fallin.

It is critical to do two things right now, first call or email the senators who voted yes in committee today and THANK them! Then call your senator and ask him or her to vote YES on SB1743, and vote YES to “restore the title” of SB1743, when the bill comes to the senate floor in the coming days.

If you live in Oklahoma or you travel there for business or pleasure, please email and call these senators today to say THANK YOU for voting YES on SB1743:

Senator Eddie Fields (R-10), Chairman

(405) 521-5581 efields@oksenate.gov

Senator Ron Justice (R-23), Vice Chairman

(405) 521-5537 justice@oksenate.gov

Senator Mark Allen (R-4)

(405) 521-5576


Senator Patrick Anderson (R-19)

(405) 521-5630


Senator Don Barrington (R-31)

(405) 521-5563


Senator Randy Bass (D-32)

(405) 521-5567


Senator Jerry Ellis (D-5)

(405) 521-5614


Senator Ivester (D-26)

(405) 521-5545


Senator Frank Simpson (R-14)

(405) 521-5607


Senator Anthony Sykes (R-24)

(405) 521-5569