AUSTIN, TX – The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is pleased to announce that Silencer Shop, one of the leading suppressor distributors in the United States, is returning as a Tier 2 sponsor of ASA for 2019. Through both corporate sponsorship and their ASA Round-Up donations, Silencer Shop has been a leading supporter of ASA since joining the association in 2015.

“We are proud partners of the American Suppressor Association and are excited to continue our long-standing support of their efforts,” said Dave Matheny, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Silencer Shop.

The idea to create Silencer Shop came to Dave Matheny after two failed attempts to purchase a suppressor. With over 20 years of experience as a software engineer, Matheny formed his company with one goal in mind: utilizing technology to simplify the buying process for consumers. Silencer Shop has since become one of the largest suppressor distributors in the country by maintaining a steady focus on providing excellent customer service and great prices, as well as constant improvements to internal efficiencies and processes.

“Since joining the American Suppressor Association in 2015, Silencer Shop has consistently served as one of the premier advocates for pro-suppressor reform,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of ASA. “Silencer Shop’s support is not limited to financial investment; we have spent countless hours with Dave working the halls of Congress and state legislatures. Through his leadership, Silencer Shop has become one of the most active organizations in the pro-suppressor arena. We look forward to working with Dave and his team, as we continue our push to streamline the NFA process and expand suppressor rights nationwide.”


As the industry’s largest suppressor distributor, Silencer Shop provides dealers and customers with a complete suite of services making silencer ownership simplified.  With a nationwide network of biometric kiosks, the most trafficked suppressor website, and a robust service platform complete with ATF compliance & customer support, Silencer Shop provides the most efficient process of acquiring an NFA item. To learn more about Silencer Shop, visit them online at


The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor community. We exist for one reason and one reason only: to fight for pro-suppressor reform nationwide.

The ability of the American Suppressor Association to fight for pro-suppressor reform is tied directly to our ability to fundraise. Since the ASA’s formation in 2011, 3 states have legalized suppressor ownership and 18 states have legalized suppressor hunting. Much of this would not have happened without your support. For more information on how you can join us in the fight to help protect and expand your right to own and use suppressors, visit