ASA’s Newest Tier 1 Sponsor – Elevated Silence

SANTA ROSA BEACH, FLThe American Suppressor Association (ASA) is pleased to announce that Elevated Silence has increased their sponsorship to ASA’s highest Tier 1 level for 2023.  They join Silencer Shop as ASA’s second Tier 1 sponsor. 

Jim Hood, Founder and CEO of Elevated Silence speaks to their Tier 1 Sponsorship of the American Suppressor Association, “We’re investing in ASA’s future, which is Elevated’s future.  Securing the rights of law-abiding firearms owners to purchase, possess, and use suppressors is common sense.  It’s foundational to our country, to the market, and to this entire industry’s success.  ASA’s hard work makes this possible, and we’re proud to support Knox and the team.  We pride ourselves in punching above our weight, and hope the rest of the industry will match us in support of the fight for our industry and our Second Amendment rights.”

“We’re investing in ASA’s future,
which is Elevated’s future.”

— Jim Hood, Founder and CEO of Elevated Silence

The search for a suppressor that does it all led gun enthusiast and businessman Jim Hood to one thought – if you can’t buy it, then build it.  Jim founded Elevated Silence and developed a multi chamber technology that effectively redirects gas away from the bullet as it travels through the length of the suppressor. This in turn yields the absolute minimal effects on bullet trajectory and stability, which in turn yields a consistently accurate suppressor over a myriad of calibers and weapons systems.

“Elevated Silence may not be a household name just yet, but their commitment to suppressor advocacy and the Second Amendment is second to none. As ASA’s newest Tier 1 sponsor, they are putting their money where their mouth is, joining Silencer Shop as one of ASA’s top supporters. Jim and the team he has assembled are masters of their craft, with an assortment of world-class suppressors in their catalog. We expect big things from Elevated Silence, and are thrilled to continue building our partnership with them,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of ASA.

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