Capitol Armory Renews Tier 3 Sponsorship of the ASA

Cedar Park, TX — The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is excited to announce that Capitol Armory has renewed their Tier 3 Sponsorship. They have been serving NFA customers nationwide since 2009.

“Capitol Armory greatly values our relationship with the ASA and are proud to be a part of the organization,” said Randall Durham, Director of New Business Development. “The ASA constantly strives and works for everyone involved in the silencer industry to make things better through the work they do on local, state and federal levels with the ATF. They push and fight for everyone to be able to enjoy our liberties and freedoms without the hassle that can be involved with the silencer buying and owning process.”

“Capitol Armory greatly values our relationship with the ASA and are proud to be a part of the organization."

— Randall Durham, Director of New Business Development

Through their proprietary software, Capitol Armory has mastered the NFA process which makes buying a suppressor painless and simple. Their system streamlines the customer experience, taking the complexity out of the NFA process. Coupled with expansive selection and competitive pricing, Capitol Armory delivers the service suppressor buyers should expect.

“Capitol Armory’s partnership with the American Suppressor Association underscores their organizational commitment to suppressor advocacy,” said Knox Williams, Executive Director of ASA. “Working with Tory, Randall, Rhiannon, and the Capitol Armory team has strengthened our ability to advocate on behalf of the suppressor industry and consumers alike. We are thrilled to continue working alongside Capitol Armory to effect positive change on behalf of the suppressor community.”

About The American Suppressor Association

Founded in 2011, the American Suppressor Association has been instrumental in promoting the rights of
suppressor owners nationwide, advocating for legal reform, and educating the public about the benefits of
suppressors. ASA’s successful campaigns have resulted in the legalization of suppressors in three states,
the use of suppressors while hunting in 19 states, the defeat of numerous attempts to impose state level
bans, and the dramatic improvements to NFA transfer times.

About Capitol Armory

Capitol Armory is the nation’s largest dealer specializing in NFA/Class 3 weapons, specifically suppressors. We are SilencerCo and Dead Air’s largest retail and law enforcement/military dealer and offer the industry’s best customer service, pricing, and selection. We accomplish this with technology to make the complicated NFA process easy for the end consumer. Capitol Armory has been serving customers nationwide since 2009. We are headquartered on the edge of Austin in Cedar Park, Texas and have FFLs in many states to serve you.