ATLANTA, GA – We have a call to action for our members, fans, and followers this week. For the past two weeks H.R. 3799, The Hearing Protection Act, has been the #2 most viewed bill in Congress. We would like to see it pushed to #1. We’re asking everyone to go to this link HERE and then click on H.R. 3799 to view the bill. We would like to see it in the #1 position next week.

As the 114th Congress comes to an end, the ASA is beginning to shift our focus toward January, and the certain reintroduction of the Hearing Protection Act in both the House and the Senate. With the retirement of Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), the Representative who we worked with to introduce the Hearing Protection Act in 2015, we are currently working to finalize arrangements with the best primary sponsor available to ensure that we are able to get the HPA passed and signed into law. Although we are not yet ready to announce who our sponsor will be, we will make that announcement as soon it is appropriate. Our goal is to have the primary sponsor set and ready to introduce the Hearing Protection Act as soon as possible after the 115th Congress is sworn in on January 3rd.

Two weeks ago we announced a goal to raise $100,000 through new memberships and donations by Inauguration Day. We’re happy to announce that in just 13 days, we have raised just over $20,000. This includes 220 new members, 10 new life members, 13 dealer sponsors and three new corporate sponsors. If you haven’t joined already, please do so. Be a part of passing this historic legislation.


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  1. Don DuBose

    Its about time for this to be signed in to Law. I own 4 suppressors and two registered SBR’s. It will be nice to be able to purchase the suppressor with a background check and be able to take it home instead of the 5 to 8 month delay in possession. The best thing is Not having to pay the TAX stamp.

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