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American Suppressor Association

American Suppressor Association

This afternoon, the Ohio House of Representatives voted to pass ASA backed House Bill 234 by a 69 – 16 margin. The bill, which was amended in the Senate Civil Justice committee, passed the Senate by a 24 – 6 vote on December 9. It is now headed to Governor Kasich for his signature.

Sponsored by Rep. Cheryl Grossman (R-23) and Rep. John Becker (R-65), the bill was originally drafted to repeal the prohibition on the use of legally possessed suppressors while hunting in Ohio. Lawmakers have consolidated a number of pro-gun amendments into the bill, including a “Shall Sign/Certify” provision which will require Chief Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) to process NFA applications in the same manner as CHL licenses. Once the law goes into effect, CLEOs will be required to sign applications unless the applicant is found to be a prohibited person.

If signed into law, Ohio will become the eighth state to enact “Shall Sign/Certify” legislation, joining Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Utah as the sixth state to do so this year.  Ohio will also become the 34th state to allow hunters to use legally possessed suppressors in the field for all game animals. Earlier this year, Alabama, FloridaGeorgia and Louisiana all enacted similar pro-suppressor hunting reform.


The primary role of a suppressor is to reduce the overall sound signature of the host firearm to hearing safe levels. Contrary to popular belief, they do not “silence” or eliminate the noise of a gunshot. Rather, they trap the expanding gasses at the muzzle of a firearm and allow them to slowly cool, in a similar fashion to car mufflers. Their muffling capabilities intrinsically make them a hearing protection device for both the shooter and those around them.

We thank the National Rifle Association, Buckeye Firearms Association, and sportsmen and women who have continuously supported HB 234. We also thank Rep. Grossman and Rep. Becker for sponsoring the initial legislation, and Chairman Bill Coley, Sen. Larry Obhof, Sen. Joe Uecker, and President Keith Faber for their steadfast support. Finally, we would like to thank Speaker Batchelder and the other 68 members of the House who voted for concurrence.

Please contact Gov. Kasich and politely urge him to sign HB 234 into law. Contact information can be found below:

Address:  Riffe Center, 30th Floor 77 South High Street Columbus, OH 43215-6117

Phone: (614) 466-3555

Email Form:

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