Earlier this afternoon, the ASA testified to the Vermont House Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources in support H. 621. Introduced by State Representative Patrick Brennan (R-Chittenden), the bill seeks to repeal the prohibition on the manufacture, sale, use, and possession of suppressors by citizens in Vermont.

A local ABC News affiliate sat down with Rep. Brennan to discuss the bill. Watch the video here: ABC 22 Suppressor Video. Note that 39 states currently allow citizens to own and possess suppressors, not 44.

To assist the bill, please contact all members of the Vermont House Committee on Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources TODAY and urge them to support the legalization of suppressor ownership in Vermont. Contact information can be found here:

Chairman David DeenChair: ddeen@leg.state.vt.us
Rep. Jim McCulloughVice Chair: jim_mccullough@myfairpoint.net
Rep. Steve BeyorRanking Member: sbeyor@leg.state.vt.us
Rep. Willem Jewett: wjewett@leg.state.vt.us
Rep. Bob Krebs: rkrebs@leg.state.vt.us
Rep. Mark HuntleyClerk: mhuntley@leg.state.vt.us
Rep. Connie Quimby: cquimby@leg.state.vt.us
Rep. Thomas Terenzini: tterenzini@leg.state.vt.us
Rep. Kate Webb: kwebb@leg.state.vt.us

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